Main Reasons Youtube Demonetization

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In this article, you will learn about Main Reasons Youtube Demonetization and the main reasons which demonetized your youtube channel. Youtube is a popular video-sharing platform and the second-largest Search Engine after Google.

Youtube allows its creators to generate money by monetizing their channels. Once Youtuber started monetization they mostly forgot about the Youtube Community Guidelines and AdSense Policy and it results in Youtube Demonetization. 

Main Reasons Youtube Demonetization ?

It is the condition when your youtube channel stops showing ads in your videos and loss the ability to generate money from your youtube channel by showing ads in your videos.

6 Main Reasons Why Youtube Demonetization

Here we will explain the 6 main reasons for Youtube Demonetization:

1. Copyright Sources’ Materials

Most creators do mistakes and used copyrighted materials inside their videos while creating content for their youtube channel. Youtube doesn’t like to use other content without your own creativity. Youtube likes original content to enhance the better user experience for the youtube audience. So when a YouTuber use any copyrighted materials in their videos, it mostly results in copyright claim or sometimes copyright strike. When there is three copyright strike on your youtube channel it may cause Youtube Demonetization.

Main Reasons Youtube Demonetization

2. Violating Youtube’s Policy

When you violate youtube’s policy and create content that does not meet youtube guidelines and policy. It can be a direct demonetization reason. Being a YouTuber you always need to fulfill youtube Guidelines and Policy to save your channel from YouTube Demonetization.

3. Reused Content

As I mentioned above youtube is the best platform because of its strictness. It always tries to provide the best quality content based on viewers’ requirements and needs. Youtube needs high-quality and original self-created content to engage its viewers. Any content which is reused without giving credit or with credit to the original owner. It can be a part of videos, music, or graphics.

4. Inappropriate thumbnail, Title, or description

Youtube doesn’t allow creators to use inappropriate thumbnails, titles, or descriptions. Clickbait tactics can affect your channel directly. Don’t use such images in thumbnails, and don’t use such words in the title and description that are deceptive and inappropriate for youtube and manipulate your audience to click on your video.

5. Not Completing Monetization Requirements

Once youtube monetizes your channel, you must create good quality content and make audience-engaging videos to complete 4000 hours of watch times for the next review. As youtube reviews channels time by time, if your channel gets fail to show 4000 hours of public watch times in the last 365 days, youtube will demonetize your channel and you can reapply once you fulfill the basic requirements again.

6. Invalid viewers and Subscribers

Any fraudulent activity which leads viewers or subscribers to your channel can cause youtube demonetization. It can be Fake viewers or subscribers. It can cause permanent demonetization or channel banned.

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