How to get Adsense Approval? 6 Easy Steps

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How to get Adsense approval for a blogger? Google Adsense is one of the highest-paying advertisement platforms for the website’s content and youtube content. Google Adsense provides text, images, videos, and other media advertisements for the creator and web developers for their content.

Such ads pay very high as compared to other similar ad platforms such as Media.Net, Propeller Ads Media, and Pop up ads. However, they are not serving similarly to Google AdSense and give high payment to the content owner. In this article, we will discuss How to get Adsense approval for your website or blog easily.


How To Get Adsense Approval ?

Adsense needs to be approved on your website, but for other platforms, we need hosting while the blogger is a co-partner of Google, and totally free. So most people have amazing blogs similar to WordPress blogs. So may you also have? Here we will talk about how to get Adsense account approval for Blogger and what are the requirements for its approval.

How To get Adsense Approval

Basic Requirements for Adsense Approval

  • The basic requirements for Adsense approvals for a blog are:
    Custom and top-level domains such as  .Com  .Net  .Org. You should know that adsense hates subdomains such as
  • Make sure you have a clean and stylish design for your blog.
  • You must have at least 25 well-written posts on your site.
  • There should be About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages.
  • The Emails are you using in the About or Contact page should be similar to your domain.
  • Make sure you have your own or non-copyrighted content on your site. If you have any copyrighted content try to delete it first.
  • Try to use an Adsense-friendly template/theme for your site. In most cases, Adsense approves AdSense friendly template which can be found on my site.
  • Focus on linking, try to make a clickable menu in most cases people forget about linking their menu and pages. Don’t leave any broken links.

Should You Republish Old Blog Content?

Above all now you can apply for Adsense and in 7 to 12 days or less Adsense will send you a response email as a result that your site is approved or rejected to serve ads on your website.

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