Can I Get Adsense Approval With Free Domain ?

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In this article, you will learn about – Can I Get Adsense Approval With Free Domain ? The Google Adsense takes mostly 7 days to 12 days in the first time applying but sometimes it exceeds up to 3 weeks. AdSense Bot and Adsense team check and review your site completely manually, so it will definitely take a long time.

Adsense always focuses on the quality of your content and overall website that’s why it is important to have TLD (Top Level Domain). TLDs Domains help in getting more traffic because it shows your website’s trust and seriousness as compared to other free domains.

Can I Get Adsense Approval With Free Domain ?

The people who just knock out the door of blogging mostly asked the question, because they mostly don’t know about AdSense Policy. Google AdSense reviews many factors including Domain name. So in this article, I will answer this common question” Can I Get Adsense Approval With Free Domain” with a proper explanation.

You can also apply for Adsense with the Google-owned platform Blogger with their free domain with dot blogspot name. It also can get approved but as compared to TLDs it is harder and need more work on its content. You have to create quite unique content for domain approval. The top-level domain easily gets viewers’ attention while appearing in the search result.

Can I Get Adsense Approval With Free Domain

Adsense Approval With Free Domain ?

let’s suppose I am searching for something related to “How to start SEO”, I will see multiple results in Google search results, but I will click the domain that is with TLDs (Top Level Domain). I will consider it more trusty as compared to the .blogspot domain. The information on high TLDs will be considered more genuine as compared to domains websites.

that’s why if someone asked Can I Get Adsense Approval With Free Domain? the answer is simply “No”, because, from the above discussion, you can figure out that Adsense will not approve free domain websites or blogs except blogger’s websites ending with .blogspot sub-domain.

It is accepted because it’s a Google-owned and publisher platform for Bloggers.  Blogger subdomain websites will need to vary high efforts to get approved with consistent posting of quality content. Also, the .blogspot subdomain website can’t get good ads as compared to the TLD Domains.

There are multiple companies providing TLD domains at very cheap prices. So if you are thinking to start blogging and making a successful start. I will refer to buying a TLD. It will really help in the overall performance of your website.

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