How To Build Website Without Coding

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In today article, I will show you how to How To Build Website Without Coding and programming languages.You just need to drag and drop everything. It’s quite interesting and possible to build a stunning look website for your portfolio, blog, business or sharing information.

How To Build Website Without Coding

Before building your website, you must decide for what purpose you are looking to build website easy and what will be the type of your website. People make websites for their portfolios, blogs, and business to enhance their customers and readers to share their skills, experience, products, and information to make some money and generate a passive income.

In business websites, organizations or companies build websites to promote their businesses and or enhance product selling. So it would really help you if you choose the type of website you are going to build it.

Domain and Hosting to Build Website Easy

The domain is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of any website. A domain is a unique name based on a URL, it is like your name which makes you different from other people whenever someone wants to call you. In the same mechanism, you will need to use the domain for search engines to show it to the audience whenever they search for something related to your website.

Hosting is used to store all the data your website has and show all the webpages information, and media files which you have posted on your website. It stores all this information and shows whenever someone searches with keywords related to your website post or directs your website domain URL.

Free website Building Platform

If you are looking to start with zero investment, Blogger platform is the best platform powered by Google. It provides free hosting with a free subdomain with a domain. It would be really helpful if you invest a few 2-10 dollars and buy a high-quality domain and attached it to the blogger.

Build Website Without Coding

Blogger with a custom domain looks very professional and can be approved very easily by advertising platforms to show ads on your website to make some money which we discuss later. have hundreds of free-to-use templates with stylish look.

There are multiple platforms that provide paid templates having stunning looks, more user-friendly interfaces, and AdSense friendly and SEO-friendly layouts with pricing ranging from 10 USD to 35 USD. But you can start with a free template and can download it by searching in Google.

Only the cons of Blogger are that it is limited for some instant and doesn’t have enough plugins like other platforms but still bloggers can be helpful for the start-up because it provides free hosting.

Paid Website Building Platforms

If it is possible to you to get started with a small investment, then it would be highly appreciated and more helpful to you because paid hosting platform allows you to use enhanced website-building platforms like WordPress which provides a huge amount of plugins to your support and growth of your website. You can do SEO, make websites faster, more secure, user-friendly, and more stylish interfaces by installing readymade plugins.

How to Use Kenba ? 7 Easy Steps

Once you buy hosting, then open the cpanel of your hosting, and bind it with your domain. Once you installed WordPress then go to Appearance and search for a theme in the theme menu and find a theme in the theme search bar. Select the best theme which is based on your website niche or type and install it and activate it. Later on read the customization document/guidelines of the theme and customize it as per instruction.

So finally you have build website easy and your website will be live in search engines once you enter your sitemap on Google Search Console.

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