3 Best Rewards for Youtube Creators

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3 Best Rewards for Youtube Creators, How YouTube Rewards Their Creators with  YouTube Play Button (Gold Button, Silver Button, Diamond Button, and YouTube Ruby Button). Technology company Google‘s proprietary video site YouTube offers various benefits and awards to video makers who use its platform in recognition of their services and performance.

3 Best Rewards for Youtube Creators

The Youtube Play button (Gold Play Button) is a similar award given to YouTube channels with over one million subscribers. The Gold Play Button is not the only award given by YouTube, the popular video platform also awards Silver, Diamond, and Custom Youtube Play Button to its channel owners.

YouTube Play Button

Silver play buttons made of carbon, zinc, and nickel are given to those YouTube channels which have one lakh subscribers. The name of the channel is also mentioned on the silver play button provided after March 2018.


The Gold Play Button is given to channels with one million subscribers. The channel is named after a gold-plated metal button emblazoned with gold. YouTube changed the old design of the Gold Play Button in March 2018. Channel owners who receive this button are also given a signed letter from YouTube’s chief executive, praising their performance.

Diamond play buttons are given to channels with more than 10 million subscribers. A playlist made of glass is prominent in the middle of this button, which consists of a large silver plate. As of March 2019, only 374 channels have been awarded the Diamond YouTube Play Button.

3 Best Rewards for Youtube Creators

YouTube’s custom play button is given to channels that cross the milestone of 50 million subscribers. According to a report published in March 2018, so far only three channels have been given this button. Kjelberg, a 29-year-old Swedish citizen, is the first YouTuber to be given a custom play button. Indian music company T-Series has been given the second and American YouTube channel Five Minute Craft has been given the third custom play button.

YouTube first gave its users the opportunity in 2005 to subscribe to their favorite channels. Users are notified of new content via email and notifications when new videos are published on the channel they subscribe to.

YouTube Graphite, Opel, and Bronze are also YouTube awards that do not include awards, but they do bring benefits to the channel. Channels with less than 1,000 subscribers are rated graphite, while Opel is rated at 1,000 subscribers. YouTube channels that reach this stage can also earn money through their videos by becoming part of the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube channels with 10,000 subscribers are given bronze status.

Thousands of YouTubers in the world received youtube Play Button rewards from youtube. Only a few youtube channels received the Youtube Ruby Button. While Youtube’s multiple channels have received Youtube Diamond Play Button.

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