What IT Auditors Must Know? 5 Effective Skills

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Lean what is IT Audit and What IT Auditors Must Know? The IT Audit or the full name Information technology audit can be easily defined as “An audit of technology used to control every operation of an organization or company to meet various standards.

This review covers all parts of the organization. that are processed automatically by a computer It also includes some information that computing is not yet covered by some companies.

What IT Auditors Must Know ?

As can be seen today computers play an important role in the work of processing and storing all data in a systematic way, so audit is important to the operation. and management planning of every company extremely This is to achieve good results and the highest efficiency in audit management.

Normally, the operation of computer systems in offices is everywhere. will be related all the time Regardless of any transaction being made, but After all, all the information will be sent to the company database to process and store as working data in every detail The simplest example seen is buying goods in department stores The money we pay will be recorded automatically. Including details of the product type, product price, date, month, year, transaction time, payment, change of money, swiping credit card cash register number service staff code, and list of purchased products.

How To Be IT Auditor?

The auditor, the head responsible for  IT Audit,  worked during that time. Remaining stock information and other information. In addition, there is also a recording of payment receipts as well. In the event of a wrong change Then the customer came to inform the staff that there was a wrong change of money. Every step of the inspection takes place quickly. because there is a complete support system in these matters The officer in charge will examine the evidence. And can manage to achieve accuracy effectively.

What IT Auditors

in fact, All information will be recorded in the system and will be reviewed in detail when needed. Its audit tasks may include employee arrival and departure times, absences, late arrivals, operational plans, management, sales, finance, and account, return of goods, receipt of goods And sending out goods, purchasing, product inspection, service, security Go all the way to maintenance work, etc., showing that the duty to check such technology covering all stages of work

Two Phases of IT Auditing

Normally, planning for an audit involves two phases: data gathering and planning. The second part is Understanding the work structure used in that organization which all steps have a common goal of Preventing risks that will damage the organization From small to very important matters. Therefore, the person responsible for auditing it audit must be someone who understands the structure of the company’s work in every step.

The Relationship of Computer and World

In detail, in every matter including plans and policies of the company and these people, It analyzes the problems and risks that may occur in every step of the operation. all of which It is useful for effective operational planning. Protection against all possible damage Deal with every possible risk. including cost analysis of the company Every part is important to show the feasibility and performance of that organization.

What IT Auditors Must Know

IT Auditors must know and understand for use in effective internal auditing the following:

  • – Knowledge of the company’s business operations
  • – results of its audit in the past year
  • – current financial information
  • – Rules applicable to operations
  • – Assessment of inherent risks

And if there is an error in the actual operation, all 5 parts that IT Audit uses are the main information mentioned above. It will be a good tool for audit planning. and accurately select the area where errors are expected The sooner you know these things, the more thoroughly you can caulk the faster and more efficiently you can. As a result, the damage caused is only a small point will soon escalate This will affect the overall picture of the management of the organization.

Do not forget that a single leak today. If you leave both May have a big impact in the future which may mean a failure in the management of the organization, but it is not.

Doing IT Audit to verify good information should be

Therefore, every piece of information that it audit examines is good information to begin any impact analysis. which will cause damage that may occur both now and in the future In addition, the analysis is spot on. It is also a good helper in selecting an effective solution. And it may be a permanent solution in the future.

Purpose of an IT Audit

The purpose of an IT audit may be viewed as merely confirming that the internal control system is in place. How effective is it? in order to reduce business risks if you look carefully into the details of the inspection We will find it deep and relevant to the laws, regulations, and scope of responsibility that companies or organizations have to comply with those conditions. It also helps to maintain company confidentiality. which is important business information, so if the audit is done loosely and without seriousness and dedication to work It may create ongoing effects and cause disputes with external agencies as well. And that would seriously undermine the stability of the company.


All in all, this is an overview of how IT Audit works. Also known as IT Audit, is the audit of information technology. This creates many benefits for all types of business operations and management. However, if some companies are small There is no need to audit it audit this particular department, but can use audit it audit services from external agencies.

Which is very popular in foreign countries It must be said that these people have a lot of expertise in auditing and most importantly, the more outsiders the better in terms of audit transparency. Because there is absolutely no personal relationship with internal employees. Make sure the inspection is correct. and truly effective

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