Avoid Online Earning Games 5 Reasons

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5 Reasons to Avoid Online Earning Games ! Online Earning Games are those games that generate money by playing games and completing specific tasks and events.

There are very rare games that give the opportunity to earn online while playing games. But mostly game developers do fraud and scams with users by installing Online Earning Games.

Avoid Online Earning Games

Avoid Online Earning Games

Being a highly populated country Pakistani Youth play multiple games including PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, and many other games. Even though Pakistan doesn’t provide good quality internet but still people loved to play games and get relaxed.

Online Earning In Pakistan

Pakistan has a huge number of people working online and earning money from their websites, YouTube channels, and applications. Most Pakistanis also work smoothly on Fiverr and other freelancing platforms. Due to a lack of real job opportunities, Pakistani Youth have a huge diversion towards the online field.

Online Earning Games are Big Fraud

Globally there are no such games available that are really paying high which guarantees that you can make 100 PKR a day. In Pakistan the scam is on its peak and most YouTubers create videos on online earning based on fraud and scams. Never trust such games there is no game available in the industry which pays to their players. This scam and Fraud is only to grab people’s attention and watch their ads to generate huge money for them.


Never download such games which are advertised for online earning purposes. They will just increase their game installation and will generate a huge amount of money by watching their games. At final you will uninstall it and the same thing will repeat with many games.

Google PlayStore Doesn’t have Online Earning Games

In Google play store you will never see a single game that will pay you, it means all online Earning Games are downloadable from a third-party website or sources, it means it violates the Play Store policies and shows clearly it is totally a scam.

How To Build Website Without Coding

Always considered games for fun, there is no single game that is used for earning. Focus on your skills, do freelancing, make a YouTube channel, or create your own blog to earn money legally.

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