How To Tag Channel In Youtube Comment?

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let’s learn about How To Tag Channel In Youtube Comments, Youtube allows tagging another channel to ask or collaborate, and appreciate that specified channel. When viewers enjoy a video from a specific channel, they may tag that channel in their comments to express their appreciation directly to the creators.

Tagging a YouTube channel in a comment can initiate engagement and discussion between creators and viewers. Tagging another YouTube channel in a comment can serve as an invitation or suggestion for potential collaboration. By tagging a channel, creators can express their interest in working together on future projects or videos, fostering networking opportunities within the YouTube community.

What Channel Tagging In Youtube Comment?

Channel Tagging refers to the act of mentioning or referencing another YouTube channel in a comment by using the “@” symbol followed by the channel’s username. When you tag a channel in a comment, the channel owner receives a notification, and the tagged channel’s name becomes a clickable link that leads to the channel. This feature allows users to directly engage with specific channels, notify them of a comment, or bring their attention to the conversation happening in the comments section.

How To Tag Channel In Youtube Comment

How To Tag Channel In Youtube Comment


To tag the channel in a YouTube comment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the comment option and type the “@” symbol in the comment box type @ to mention a channel.
  2. When you type the channel name, YouTube will automatically start suggesting channels based on what you’ve entered.
  3. Find the channel you want to tag in the dropdown menu that is suggested by youtube. It will display the channel’s profile picture and name.
  4. Select the correct channel from the dropdown menu which you want to tag by clicking on it. This will insert the channel’s name in your comment.
  5. Finish typing your comment and post it.

By tagging a channel in your comment, the channel owner will receive a notification and be able to see your comment more easily. It’s a great way to draw attention to a specific channel and engage with its content.

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